Naccrra Parent User Licensing Agreement Page

Who can use NDS? Members of the CCAO agency who have purchased NDS and submitted a licensing agreement can use the suite. Agencies that jointly use a database within a region or state must be members of the CCAOA and have a licensing agreement. If, for example.B. the difference between actual child care and DoD parental expenses is less than $25 per month, the reimbursement of the allowance is not available. More information about first-year fees can be found on our pricing page. Things to remember when asking for help: the agency must be a current member of the CCAOA, the annual fee for the NDS must be paid, the NDS agreement must be signed and the hours of assistance are Monday-Friday, 10 .m. – 17.00.m Eastern. Are the fees paid on a pro-rata basis? Annual licences and additional user fees are not prorated; However, agencies arriving after January 1 pay only half of the accommodation and storage costs for the period from January 1 to June 30. What if I want to recover the inactive records that have been deleted with this utility? Yes, yes. This request can be charged at current advanced support rates.

For more information on these rates, visit the Technical Assistance page. How do I get NDS? The NDS is a benefit that is only available to CCAOA members and membership dues must be up to date. Once the CCAoA subscription is in place, go to our form page to download the NDS license agreement. This information must be printed, signed and sent to CCAoA. Royalties can be submitted with the agreements or the Agency can request an invoice. Once ccAoA has received the license document with payment, the Agency will receive an email confirmation with instructions on access and configuration of NDS. What is a licence reactivation fee? When is that true? After purchasing a license for NDS, the licensee is responsible for maintaining the contract through an annual fee. If the annual contract is not respected and the fee is not paid for one year, the Agency must reactivate its licence with a reactivation fee. For more information on reactivation fees, see the price plan. What is Basic Support? For aid to be implemented through government or regional networks, network member organizations must submit a signed Technical Assistance Agreement (PDF).

Agencies submitting this agreement are referred to the designated state or regional point of contact. Child care costs for navy families are essentially the difference between the monthly fees of an out-of-business child care provider (which has a “welcome cap” based on location and type of child care) and “DoD parent fees for similar child care services based on income and income category” according to the official website. There is a ceiling of $1,500 per child/month. The military family pays the parental costs for child care on the post office, plus an amount that goes beyond the $1,500 limit. All applicants are required to comply with the Ministry of Defence`s eligibility rules and all additional provisions that are defined by each service branch. In addition, in the last twelve months prior to the application, the applicant must have a “prohibitive incident-free” state authorization review conducted. Parents of the army should be aware that the assumption of childcare allowances that are subject to the obligation “does not cover the care of out-of-school-age children or school-age children during breaks”, such as snowy days, holidays, etc.