Verifier Agreement Auto Ecole

The authorisation to teach is granted to teachers who: The prefect must have permission to teach in the case of: The masters of the auto-school must all hold the authorization to teach to ensure the services of theoretical and practical teaching. In practice, to be allowed, teachers must: to do so, speak to the director of the car school, ideally recommended with acknowledgement. If the auto-school refuses to reimburse you or does not respond, the local associations of the UFC-Que Choose can help you in your efforts. The use of the sign is allowed for a period of 3 years from the date of signing of the label contract. The renewal application must be submitted to the prefect two months before the expiry of the label. Above all, the car school must have an authorization issued by the prefecture. This license gives the auto-school the opportunity to present students with a driver`s license. The registration number issued must be indicated on each communication of the school car. Order of 8 January 2001 relating to the authorisation to drive, for a fee, the driving of motor vehicles and road safety The suspension ends as of right as soon as the judicial authority has ruled before the expiry of the six-month period. The quality label and a certificate of compliance are issued to the car school after the signing of the certification contract.

In order for the motor school to respond to the student`s request, the student must provide the necessary documentation for identification; Name, first name, address and email address by email or email address to This is possible if it is provided in your contract. Indeed, auto-schools can set a duration for the training they provide. Contracts are often valid for one year. This must be clearly stated in the contract that was given to you at the time of notification. Read your contract and see if it mentions a certain duration and, if so, the consequences in case of overspending. Otherwise, you may consider that there is no due date and therefore challenge the request for payment of this new plan. To do this, send a letter of formal notice to the director of the school, ideally recommended with acknowledgement. You should also contact the judicial administrator to ask if he is moving or cancelling the contract. Send him a letter, with the accused of returning, asking him to decide whether or not to continue the contract.