Westchester Community College Transfer Agreements

During the WCC closure, we want you to know that the Office of Transfer Services is always available for transfer advisory and transfer application support services. You can ask us a question by email transfer@sunywcc.edu or agree to a virtual or telephone appointment. You can also schedule an online appointment via Viking Success. In addition to the above, Iona College also offers several merit scholarships to transfer students. Visit: Iona College Grants and Scholarships Page: www.iona.edu/student-life/student-financial-services/financial-aid-scholarships.aspx To view transfer agreements by institution, visit the Westchester Community College Transfer/Joint Agreements page offers an honor program. A comprehensive Academic Support Centre supports those who need additional academic support. Colleges` Career and Transfer Center helps students work or continue their studies, and there are many transfer agreements between the university and public and private universities. More than $1 million in scholarships will be made available to students, including graduates, to ensure a smooth transition to four-year colleges and universities. Counsellors and staff create an atmosphere of attention for students. While we encourage students to graduate from associate, students often choose to move to Lehman College before completing their associate degree. In these cases, we propose that students who graduate from Lehman College during their first two semesters work with consultants at Lehman and Westchester Community College to ensure that students maximize opportunities for courses that meet their academic needs at Lehman and other studies at Westchester Community College. The transfer database on this page can be used as a tool to help students identify courses that can be applied to their Lehman and Westchester Community College degrees. As mentioned above, students who graduate from associate status while enrolled at Lehman College will waive their general education requirements at lower levels.