Compare Two Agreements

It`s a hidden gem that`s going to change the way you work with contracts. It helps you analyze contracts using intelligent filtering and allows you to compare the duration of the contract in seconds. An input call field then appears, where you can select the two contracts you want to compare. Select Find a document and upload the first file. Compare Suite Light is a practical, fast and functional tool for analyzing legal texts (contracts and amendments). Helps to identify differences after treatment of the counterparty, in order to minimize the probability of signing a contract in two different editions and thus minimize the risk of signing agreements on adverse terms. Easy to use, easy to install. Export to file Comparison makes it quick and easy to create reports. If changes were tracked in either version of the document, Microsoft Word displays a message field.

Click Yes to accept the changes and compare the documents. The Legal Blackline option compares two documents and only indicates what has changed between them. Documents that are compared are not modified. The blackline legal comparison is displayed by default in a new third document. Suppose you have two docx-formatted contracts that have been concluded in different years (for example.B. for 2018 and 2019). Now you will compare how the conditions have changed after a while. We work with a lot of contract teams. When a new contract revision lands, the task is to compare the documents in order to identify significant changes between the latest version and this version.

Contract managers use MS Word and Adobe Pro Compare for this job. But they don`t work. I wonder how you analysed two legal texts derived from two different pages. As far as I can imagine, these texts had nothing in common and so it was almost impossible for a comparison tool to perform a standard analysis. I guess you used the “By keywords” comparison to get a quick keyword analysis in the document that gave an indication of a more detailed analysis. The term “Legal Blackline” comes from the bar where lawyers have to compare two documents. Normally, it applies to contracts, but this main Microsoft Word capability applies to any type of document. This summarizes how to use the comparison and respect analysis page. The other function you can use is the comparison function. This gives you the same details and text taggings as the analysis, but it also allows you to compare similar components between contracts. Comparing documents can be difficult. The legal blackline feature in Microsoft Word makes it much easier to compare documents…